It’s the day of ‘Eed-ul-Fitr!

All blessed and good thanks to Allaah!
That all our fasts are done!
And praised be Allaah Whom we worship
He – Most Great, the One!

So now our Day of ‘Eed is here
A time to have some fun!
With smiles and laughter, visits too
While children play and run!

Now in the morning, eat some dates
Our Prophet taught us how
It’s a Sunnah telling others
We’re not fasting now.

And wear your nicest clothes this day
It’s also Sunnah, see
And show the world that we are Muslims
Which we love to be!

Then time to go out for the Prayer
Please leave the car behind!
It’s better walking to the Prayer
And more reward we find!

So off we head to the Musalla
Gathering to pray
There we’ll see our Muslim brothers
Sisters too that day.

We hear the verses of Qur’aan
And glorify Allaah
What joy for every Muslims’ heart!
All praise is for Allaah!

Then time to hear the khutbah speech
And more reminders here
Advising us to love Allaah
– To hope in Him and fear.

Then off we trek back home again
With family and friends
And taste more good and yummy food
Before the ‘Eed day ends.

So what a blessing from Allaah!
His ‘Eed and guidance too
Without Allaah’s perfect Grace
We’d not know what to do!

But Allaah sent a mercy to us
That’s His Messenger, see
Through him Allaah showed the way
Upon that we must be.

That way is only al-Islaam
Just like our Prophet taught
So let’s be strong upon that way
-The Sunnah that he brought.

And let’s have Taqwaa from our fasts
That’s the goal you see
Obey Allaah just as He loves
You and also me!

So great, big thanks go to Allaah
Who guided us indeed!
And last of all I’d like to say…

Have a Lovely

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