Wardriving Begin: Search and gratisan doong…

Objective: Finding a free Wi-Fi zone at mall and other place

The first action like a crazy man, bring laptop like a mobile phone in hand and go around to search Wi-Fi area at the Megamall Batam Centre (MBC). Good… i had found some Access Point, but the bad news all Access Point has been locked, and i can’t connected. And very unlucky when i was sitting in the corner of escallator (because there wasn’t chair) to find a key, a security (SATPAM) approach to me and gave warning… “Hey if you want access internet, please go into that cafe… ” This my fault because I didn’t see there was cafe behind of me. Kasih deh luuu…. Malu-maluin….

But the action not end… Continue to other area of MBC near bookstore i had found two Access Point was open and one was locked using WEP key method. Oke… try to connect at all Access Point… Hurray! Great job i connect one of them… Open my favorite browser Firefox and try open my blog… still loading… great my blog was open, and of course posting is must…

Oke see next episode my wardriving

Please correct my english… thank before

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  1. hunter of free wi-fi zone.

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