Problem write application letter and Examples

I don’t think if I have to written my application job (resume) in English. Actually I don’t have ability to do it, but for getting a job I have to hard work to learn and practice my English. Now, if you can’t English written and oral, you will be eliminate and hard to get a job, like me. The best choice if you can’t English (oral and verbal), you must become entrepreneur and make a company and become the top manager. But this is really trouble if we don’t have much money. Building from scratch… it’s really hard…

Like the Batam Island where I am leaving now, I was almost frustrated to getting the exact job. Although I had sent much application letter till now I am jobless. Anybody can help me… I am waiting for you kindness…  Please… Send me examples of resume or cover letter at my email, and please correct my Examples Cover Letter.

Batam, October 10, 2007


Head of Human Resources Dept.
Jl. Gigol gang gigil no. 911 fiktif
Batam Kota

Dear Sir,

I graduated from Information Engineering at the STMIK AMIKOM at Yogyakarta, now is looking for job especially in the field of relating to IT (Information Technology). 

As an Information Engineering major, I had worked as a Computer Lab Assistant. After graduate became University-level Instructor Assistant and believed to teach Computer Network and Operating System practical. I have successfully developed Web Server, Mail Server and DNS Server for community campus, and often handled repairing of campus laboratory (troubleshooting and maintaining).

With education background, knowledge and skill, i am sure will be able to give valuable contribution for your company. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed, able to work under pressure, independently as well as a team player and good interpersonal skill and self motivation. Please examine the enclosed resume for further details of my qualifications. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you.


Yours faithfully,


Hari Sudibyo, S.Kom

3 Tanggapan ke “Problem write application letter and Examples”

  1. ahhh ahhh ahhhh

    oh my brother……how are U now……am so missing U hehehe

    U know what I’ve been doin now… being a windows man…
    hahaha….since 4 months ago………
    I’ve removed my linux at all…..untill I have no remains every thing about linux…..because what…..?
    4 months ago, I met one of lecture in amikom…..pak dony ariyus…I think U know about his, then I told every think about my final project, I told that I’ve being riot about that. after it, he said that he had a particular material about windows, he called it with BartPE (U can search at google).and until now I doing that material for my final project.and then I’ve been Windows man.hahahahaha

    Wes ah…
    untuk application letter, U can download at choose Pak Singgih link to find every think about application letter.



  3. salam kenal,mau tukeran link nich,,kunjung balik blogku ya

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